7 Resources for Generating Content

The number one problem, and often the most time consuming, I hear from most people is finding what to post to social media. Many people are familiar with the term content marketing but think it is synonymous with blogging. This isn’t true. Content marketing encompasses using shared content of all varieties to bring awareness to your company. This includes blogging, yes, but also, memes, infographics, photos, videos, and articles. When you’re running short on ideas for what to share, use these resources for quick and easy solutions.

1. Portent Content Idea Generator

screen shot of portent content idea generator for managed by rita

For the times when you need inspiration even coming up with a topic, use the Portent Content Idea Generator to come up with one for you. Simply enter in a topic and it will provide prompts.

2. Meme Generator

screen shot of meme generator for managed by rita

If humor is a part of your content strategy, use the meme generator. Simply search a topic and it will provide images you can overlay text on to create your own memes.

3. Unsplash

screen shot of unsplash for managed by rita

For FREE high-resolution photos, use Unsplash. These are outstanding e-sources for blog images and Instagram (after resizing to a square).

4. Feedly

screen shot of feedly news for managed by rita

Feedly is an excellent RSS reader where you can search, organize, and share various articles on an assortment of topics. When you’re short on your own content, share from reputable sources who have the same message or are relevant to your business.

5. Pocket

screen shot of pocket queue for managed by rita

Pocket comes with a browser extension that allows you to save articles from across the web for you to read later.

6. Facebook

screen shot of facebook pages feed for managed by rita

What is a better source for Facebook-worthy content than Facebook itself? Like pages with relevant content to your business that help spread your own message and visit your pages feed when you’re in need and share content you see posted there.

7. Repost app for Instagram

screen shot of repost app for instagram for managed by rita

Just as with Facebook, when you’re running low on content for Instagram, repost your followers’ photos/videos. It requires downloading the Repost app, as sharing within Instagram isn’t a feature yet, but the app has a free version with the opportunity to upgrade for more features. This serves a double purpose of driving engagement as well.

With all the tools available on the internet for creating content these days, there is no excuse to not be posting.

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