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The Value of Social Media Marketing

When you’re running your own business or just starting out, you’ll hear from everyone around you, “You need to be on social media.” The popularity social media as the suggestion for marketing a small business on a low budget often implies that social media advertising will be cheaper, or even better, free. And, it’s easy to confuse the use of social media for your personal life (which is free) with a company presence on social media, but the two are not one and the same, and the latter will cost money, there’s just no way around it. Your friends and family are correct, though. You should be on social media.

But, if you find yourself looking over your numbers and budget, and wondering, “How is this worth my money?” I’m happy to help break it down for you into some numbers that might help you understand.

3.17 Billion

People worldwide who are active internet users.


Is the number of how many social media profiles an internet user has on average.

1.71 Billion

That’s the number of internet users on Facebook in the world.

400 Million

The number of Instagram users.

320 Million

Twitter users.

100 Million

Active users on Pinterest.

$8.3 Billion

That’s how much money businesses spent in advertising dollars on social mediain 2015 .


That’s how many advertisers said they intended to use 20% or more of their advertising budget on social media in 2016.

The numbers show, the world’s market is online and they’re using social media. Does it cost money to advertise? Yes. Does it cost money to gain followers? Yes. But, where else will you find your target audience so conveniently categorized by location, occupation, interest, income, and shopping habits, and in a place where you know they’re spending their time and money?

You can’t sell to the market if you’re not there.

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The statistics for this post were gathered from brandwatch.com