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Estelle Williams is a self-employed leadership and career coach. Her marketing strategy includes hosting on and offline educational networking events such as webinars, discussion groups, and video summits. I assist in the strategy planning for the email and social media marketing to spread awareness of the events and promote attendance. Below is an example of an email invitation to a previous webinar.

Are You Leading with Emotional Intelligence?

What is Your EQ?
We’ve all heard the term emotional intelligence recently, but how many of us really know what it means? Or how it can improve our leadership skills?

Well, in my free webinar on December 13th at 3 pm EST, I will not only explain what emotional intelligence is, but I will outline my 5 strategies for leading with a high EQ. When you elevate you EQ, you learn the best methods for motivating others, and when your team is motivated, everyone wins.

Register today because leaders in the top 80th percentile of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Improve decision making through self-awareness
  • Redirect disruptive impulses to experience positive outcomes
  • Drive desired behavior and motivate others
  • Communicate with people according to their emotional cues
  • Build good rapport and trust
  • Increase profits and reduce cost
  • Get promoted faster
  • Experience more job satisfaction

When: Tuesday, December 13th at 3pm (EST)

Where: Register for webinar by entering name and email on opt-in page

Plus, listen live and get a Free Gift!

Treefrog Cinegraphix, LLC E-Newsletter

I wrote the copy for Treefrog Cinegraphix’s newsletter in my time as their Overseer of Agency Well-Being form 2013 to early 2015. Each monthly installment featured an intro covering our agency news or news about some of our team members, a featured blog post, a featured project, and featured piece for inspiration.  Below are three samples including my last newsletter for them.

January 2015

Intro Headline: 2015 is Here!

Sub-Heading: And we’re wearing our pockets inside out.

(Photo of Marty McFly in Back-to-the-Future 2 with pockets inside out)

Just kidding. Although we chose not to join the ranks of die-hard Back to the Future fans in exposing the linings to our jeans’ pockets, we are wondering where is that pizza hydrator we were promised? Oh well. What we do have in the real 2015 is still pretty cool.

And, what do we have? Well, Canopy, our custom WordPress framework just keeps getting better. Technical director Dan keeps adding on features that make it more intuitive, more user friendly, and yes, it is the wave of the future.

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Featured Blog Post: Canopy Goes SEOcial

The crowds have gathered for your site’s big launch. You eagerly pull back the curtain, and the audience gasps in amazement. The buzz is music to your ears. “We should get Treefrog to do our new site,” you overhear amidst the oohs and aahs.

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Featured Project: Exhilarate Events Website

Exhilarate Events came to us with an interest in building a new futuristic styled website to offer a more streamlined and exciting experience. We designed a website to match their new infinity branding, and developed it to bring their information front and center eliminating as many clicks for their visitors as possible.

[View Website]

Get Inspired: Bioluminescent Forest Mapping

Utilizing projection mapping and shot live in the forest over six weeks, Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad created this awe-inspiringly beautiful video that will drop your jaw with its imagery.

August 2014

Intro Headline: Dog Days? We Say Frog Days!

August has been a month full of work, work, work! We’re currently in the middle of some extensive projects, the most important of all being the development of our new website. As Dan, our Technical Director, works his magic with our new site, he’s made some considerable updates to the Canopy framework. Changes that include completely re-vamping the slideshow system which will make content management almost effortless.

Rita spent some time this month certifying herself in Google Analytics for eCommerce and has moved into the advanced studies for the Google AdWords certificate program. As Google continually changes the structure and practices of their many marketing tools and programs, she strives to stay up-to-date and knowledgable in her own management practices.

Susan is on her way up to Atlanta to attend one of the most popular conventions of the year, Dragon Con. As always, we’ll share photos in our next installment of her outrageously creative hand sewn costumes.

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Featured Blog Post: Find Inspiration In and Around Orlando

If you’re finding yourself stuck and uninspired, we’d like to take a moment to share some of our favorite places we find inspirational around town. Read more to tour The City Beautiful with us and reignite your creative passions.

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Get Inspired: Cubic Illustrations for Film Festival

At Treefrog we’re always looking to stay inspired.

This beautiful Cubic Campaign was designed to promote the International Film Festival of Valencia held in June of this year.

[Watch the Video]

Christian Knightly’s Kidney

Sub-Heading: Christian Knightly’s Kidney Stone Brings ‘The Gap’ Into The Forefront

The pain of a kidney stone is second only to that of natural childbirth, and the stress of unpaid medical bills doesn’t fall far behind. Unfortunately, for Christian Knightly, our managing partner, he is currently suffering from both a kidney stone and medical bills. A few weeks ago, after leaving work in the worst pain he’s ever felt, he found himself in Florida Hospital’s emergency room. It was here he learned about the 3 cm stone in his left kidney.

To hear that diagnosis is a blow to anybody, but when you lack insurance this brings on an entirely new waive of pain. The entire team of Treefrog Cinegraphix fell into the Obamacare “gap” this year. We make just enough money not to qualify for Medicaid, and yet don’t make enough for “affordable care” under the Affordable Care Act. According to the Ocala Post, over one million Floridians fall into this same gap.

That same article goes on to state:

“The Florida House says they do not want to cover ‘lazy’ people, however according to the Medicaid guidelines, many residents make too much money to qualify for Medicaid. So now… not only can residents not qualify for Medicaid, they are too poor to qualify for ‘Obamacare.'”

Whether you blame the federal or the state government for the predicament so many of our population now finds themselves, it does not change the fact that people like Christian Knightly – who could never be considered “lazy” by any means – are suffering for things beyond their control. To help save our friend and our business we’re asking for you to visit the Go Fund Me campaign in Christian’s name and donate even the smallest amount. Every little bit helps and our team is eternally grateful for any and every donation made.

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June 2014

Intro Headline: Summer is Here!

Sub-Heading: And Business is Blazing!

We’re halfway through 2014 now. Can you believe it? Neither can we. We hit the ground running this year moving into a new office, increasing our project load, growing our client list, and expanding our services offered. Now, we’ve reached this point, and with barely a moment to catch a breath we look back and think, where did the time go?

We’re a small team of four ambitious and dedicated advertising savants, and we’re not unfamiliar with a heavy load. We may have given up our social lives for the past few months, maybe lost track of how long it’s been since catching up with our family and friends, but we’re plowing through the work and as always we’re coming out on the other side wiser and more motivated than ever.

Retro Travel Design Inspiration & Resources

Christian Knightly shares insights to his personal travel experiences and how it’s influenced his aesthetic for the retro look in travel design. He also provides inspiration and resources to help you improve your retro flare.

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Featured Project: Teagan Co. Landing Pages for Universities

This month we’ve launched several new landing pages for universities across the U.S. showcasing Teagan Collection’s quality collegiate beads and jewelry.

[View University of Michigan Landing Page]

Get Inspired: 10 Commandments of Color Theory

At Treefrog we’re always looking to stay inspired.

Color is emotive, expressive, and fundamental in design. Choose the wrong pairing and your audience will lose trust and interest in the brand in the blink of an eye.

Infographics like this one are an invaluable resource for designers as a quick reference guide to optimal color compliments.

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