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Big Time Tailgate, LLC

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On April 4, 2017, help kick start the production of Big Time Helmets™ the Tailgate Trailer changing the way we tailgate in a BIG way.


What’s more American than the all-time dream? Football, of course. And Jay Parsons, the founder of Big Time Tailgate, LLC and creator of Big Time Helmets™ is all-American all the way, bringing football fans a dream they never knew they had in a big way.

The inspiration struck Jay as he was driving one day back in 2004 when he heard a radio ad about tailgating. What was the ad about? He has no idea, but he does remember thinking, “Wouldn’t tailgating inside a giant football helmet be an awesome way to party?” From there, the idea grew and Jay set out to design and develop the concept of this giant football-helmet-shaped mobile party camper into reality so football fans everywhere could show off their team pride in a BIG way.

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Vital Leadership Insights
About Page

What is the Top Performing Leader?
The Top Performing Leader is a progressive coaching company that transforms emerging leaders into inspirational superstars. How? Through investigation and introspection. Estelle Williams, Certified Leadership and Career Coach, leads individuals and teams on a path of self-discovery with her effective assessments, coaching, strategies, webinars, and workshops. The program illuminates authenticity within a person or company culture, creates a compelling vision for the future, inspires engagement, instructs conflict resolution, and increases productivity while decreasing stress for all who participate.

Who is Estelle Williams?
I am your personal coach and resource for all things leadership, human resources, and team dynamics.
With 12 years working in corporate HR under my belt, I’ve seen and heard it all. Well, maybe not everything…
I’ve had the pleasure to work with tremendously charismatic leaders who had the ability to lift the energy in the room just by saying “Hello.” These were the leaders who inspired others, made wise decisions, and drove business growth.

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Taffy Place Inc.

Where Memories Are Made

Welcome Page Content:

In this digital age, when entertainment for the twenty-first-century child is on demand and one click away, Taffy Place, Inc. is creating electronic-free zones ready for your child’s imagination. We promise more than the swing sets and playgrounds we build – we deliver a happy and fanciful state of mind. One that, when visited by children, they never want to leave. Our products motivate your children to unplug, walk away from the screen, get outside and expand their minds. They become the creator, the homemaker, the adventurer, the master of their entertainment for hours of good ‘ol fashioned outdoor play time.

We focus on building top-quality, luxury swing sets, playgrounds, and play house units similar in style to miniature single room homes. They are handcrafted by John Pagano, and family built to order, right here in Sanford, FL and come complete with a shingle roof options, swing sets, monkey bars, slide, and sandbox. The playhouses come complete with shingle roof options, windows, vinyl siding, and front door. The creative journey begins when you and your little ones choose your paint and trim colors and keeps on going when you bring it home and fill the space with memories.

With every purchase, we promise our products are:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • Built with Top-Quality Materials
  • Guaranteed Fun for All

To see a display model of a Taffy Place Play House please visit True Value Hardware located at 2648 W State Rd 434, Longwood, FL 32779.

About Page Content:

“I want to create spaces for families to play and bond, and for children to have time for happiness before they grow up and deal with a busy and stressful world.” – John Pagano

Taffy Place is the name of the street where John Pagano, Owner of Taffy Place Inc., grew up watching his father make childhood dreams come to life. John is the son of a self-made man who began working during the Great Depression as an assembly worker in a plush toy factory. It was his job to stuff the toys, and his reputation as the fastest stuffer ensured he didn’t stay a line worker forever.

After years of the grunt work and hitting many bumps in the road, John’s father eventually opened his own toy manufacturing business on Taffy Place in Brooklyn, New York. And that is how a young John began his story with building and selling toys to children. At nine years old, after asking his father for a way to make money, John began selling his father’s toys to his schoolmates and teachers. When not in school making sales, he spent his summers in the factory helping to make the toys. The memories of those days with his father are some he treasures and ones he wants to help other families build.

Taffy Place Inc. is John’s opportunity to return to his roots as a toy maker. Now, as an adult and as a father, he is working to bring that same happy state of mind he experienced as a child to children everywhere. How so? By founding Taffy Place and creating the electronic-free places for play that get children outdoors and away from the screens so that they’re engaged with their imaginations, bonding with their parents, siblings, and friends; making memories they’ll never forget.

Currently, the Taffy Place product line consists of their signature swing sets, playgrounds, and playhouses custom built in Sanford, FL, but John never stops dreaming. He has plans to expand the inventory to swing sets and to add innovative non-electronic outdoor and indoor toys. His mission for Taffy Place is to be a means for families to connect with each other and with the community. Most importantly, he envisions a company that gives back to the Central Florida community with help for children with disabilities and special needs and those who are terminally ill. It is his greatest dream to help every child in America have the idyllic and happy childhood he had. Taffy Place is his first step in making that dream come true.

Palm State Wellness

About Us Page Content:

Let’s have a heart to heart. At times, life can feel like you’re riding a unicycle backwards while juggling fire near an open gas line. But it doesn’t have to. We so often forget that taking care of our own wellbeing is not selfish nor is it impossible. It’s 100% a necessity to care for ourselves first, and 100% feasible, especially with the help of friends.

So let us introduce ourselves. We’re Palm State Wellness, and our mission is to enrich people’s lives by empowering them to take ownership of their health and happiness. If you’re looking for a team of passionate and dedicated health enthusiasts to guide you on your journey, look no further because that’s us. Whether you’re the go-all-in athlete, looking to lose weight, or interested in improving your overall general health, we have the resources, the advice, and the products for you.

And who are these health enthusiasts you may ask? Well, Bob Tuffin comes to us by way of England where he spent fifteen years dreaming of life in Florida surrounded by palm trees. Chelsey Kruschwitz, on the other hand, grew up right here in Florida. The two met fortuitously when Bob made his dream come true and moved to America. Bob brought with him the knowledge and familiarity of Arkworld products, which are hugely successful in the UK. When the two realized they shared the same passion for healthy living, making people happy, and business, it was a no brainer to found Palm State Wellness together.

We truly believe in the Arkworld products, made here in America by champion bodybuilder turned chemist, Jeff Golini. When we at Palm State Wellness discovered the opportunity to bring health to millions through Arkworld vitamins and supplements, we couldn’t ignore it. Our passion for healthy people and healthy lifestyles wouldn’t allow it. Along with these excellent products, we promise to deliver quality customer services, insight for healthy wellbeing, and sound product information. You’ll never be led astray by our team because we are your trusted friends who extinguish the fire, give you a bicycle, and point you in the right direction.

Product Pages:

Why Choose Palm State Wellness and Arkworld?
Because our products work. It’s that simple. No gimmicks, cheesy sales pitches, no false promises. Our products are backed by ground breaking science, and our company is backed by people who genuinely care about your personal athletic goals.

Welcome to the FitFam
We all want to be the best version of ourselves. That’s why we push ourselves to smash through one workout to another. Doing better every time. Excellence is achieved with a friend by your side, and the Arkworld vitamin and supplement line act as your body’s best friend in every workout. Welcome to the FitFam.

Weight Management:
Why Choose Palm State Wellness and Arkworld?
Because our products work. It’s that simple. No gimmicks, cheesy sales pitches, no false promises. Our products are backed by ground breaking science, and our company is backed by people who genuinely care about your happiness and health.

Welcome to Satisfaction
We all want to be happy. Weight on our shoulders, our bellies, or anywhere it’s unwanted can hold us back from being so. Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, we’re here to help. Whether it’s to get back into those pre-baby jeans or to feel confident when asking that special girl on a date, the Arkworld products get you there. Welcome to Satisfaction.

General Health:
Why Choose Palm State Wellness and Arkworld?
Because our products work. It’s that simple. No gimmicks, no cheesy sales pitches, no false promises. Our products are backed by ground breaking science, and our company is backed by people who genuinely care about your health.

Welcome to Wellness
Start your journey today and be on your way to the healthiest version of you. The Arkworld vitamin and supplement line ensure you get there with a healthier heart, more energy, and less fat. Don’t wait any longer. Today’s the day. Welcome to Wellness.

Dragon’s Den Cues

Heading & Tagline:

Welcome to the Dragon’s Den.
We sell pool cues and accessories of legendary proportion.

Home Page Content:

We sell premium cues, billiards accessories, and pool room gear of legendary proportion. This is our showroom for pool table accessories, pool cues, pool cue cases, and billiard training aids selected by an elite team of pool players with over 50 years experience moving the rock around the table. Whether you’re a league player, a professional, or a weekend pool room enthusiast, we have everything you need to run the table.

Image Carousel Text:

Slide 1 –
Headline: Welcome To The Dragon’s Den
Text – We sell pool accessories of legendary proportion.

Slide 2 – (recommend removing, doesn’t match the realistic photos of the rest and the balls are all stripped)
Headline: Make Every Easy Shot, and Every Shot Easy
Text – Our premium billiards accessories help you move the rock around the table and the balls into the pockets.

Slide 3 –
Headline: Let Your Cue Do the Work
Text: Shoot straight and play better with a cue from the Dragon’s Den.

Slide 4 –
Headline: Chalking Never Happens Before A Miscue
Text: Be prepared with your own chalk and never miscue again.

Slide 5 –
Headline: Stroke It, Don’t Poke It
Text: Stroke with confidence when you buy your pool room gear from Dragon’s Den.

Product Category Page Text:

Pool Cues:
Be a legend and shoot with fire behind your stroke. Dragon’s Den Cues sells only the best pool cues from all the top names in the industry. We believe everyone deserves their weapon of choice at the pool table. From beginners to pros, we have your right fit to shoot straighter, play better, and be legendary.

Your pool cue is the greatest investment you make in your game. Whether you need a case to carry cues to the local pool room or you’re displaying a collection in your private game room, we’ve got you covered. Make sure every time you pull your cue out you bring the heat by safeguarding it with one of these premium cases from the Dragon’s Den.

Pool Cue Accessories:
Players who show up prepared make every easy shot and they make every shot easy. Stable bridges eliminate stretching and every ball drops with a smooth stroke. Never miscue again when you bring your own chalk. Sticky hands? Not a problem when you’re wearing billiards gloves bought from the Dragon’s Den. Keep your pool cue straight with a cue holder or joint protector, and keep it ready to shoot with slickers and smoothers. Buy your accessories from us and make every shot legendary.

Pool Table Accessories:
When you want your racks tighter, your tables brighter, and your shots straighter you visit the Dragon’s Den. We’ve got everything you need to equip your pool table with top of the line accessories such as cue balls, racks, and Tefco Master Spots to make your games run smoothly. Don’t let it be just another game of pool, make your games legendary with our premium pool table accessories.

Training Aids:
What’s the difference between an amateur and a pro? Amateurs practice a shot until they make it. Pros practice a shot until they can’t miss. We know you’re ready to up your game, and we have all the billiards training aids you need from books and videos to laser pool cues to aim trainers. Make legendary strides in your skill with training materials from the Dragon’s Den.

IEN Contractors, LLC

Home Page Content

Heading: Your Neighborhood Contractors

Sub-Heading: Remodeling and Renovation Services

IEN Contractors, LLC is a family run business of professionals who have over thirty years of experience. Our expertise is in laying tile and floor coverings but we’ll take on any project whether it’s interior or exterior, residential or commercial, and we’ll get it done right!

Over the years, we have served home and business owners in and around Central Florida, South Florida, and surrounding states.

Sub-Heading: Make Us Your First Choice Contractor

IEN Contractors, LLC offers construction, remodeling, and renovation services for commercial and residential clients in Central Florida. However, we have also offered local contractor work in states as far as North Carolina. We accept phone calls and project requests on weekdays from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, so get in touch with us at (407) 732-3142 if you have any questions.

Services Page Content:

Sub-Heading: Tile and Floor Coverings

We’re experts with tile. We’ll tile your floors, bathrooms, kitchens – you name it, we’ll tile it. Don’t want tile? No need to worry. We’ve got you covered with our skill in laying any floor coverings you choose.

On the residential or commercial level, we’ve got the skill, the means, and the manpower to get it done right.

Sub-Heading: Renovations and Remodels

Is age wearing on your home? If you feel it’s time to refresh and renew, call us to handle your remodeling project. We specialize in tile and floor coverings, drywall, painting, and anything else needed to give your home that new-house look again.

Sub-Heading: Commercial

Every service and skill we offer to our residential customers can be delivered on the grand scale for our commercial clients. Whether it’s new construction or renovating an established business, we’re your first choice for contractors.

No project or budget is too big or small. We will provide fully integrated building services that minimize the market risk, and maximize the success of any project.

Sub-Heading: Start Your Renovation Project

Whether it’s new construction, post-storm repairs, or freshening up an established building, we have the solutions. Keeping the structural soundness of your property is our priority, so count on the home and office remodeling professionals of IEN Contractors, LLC. Call us for a remodeling estimate at (407) 732-3142.

Contact Page Content

Heading: Remodeling Estimate

Sub-Heading: Get Residential and Commercial Contractors

IEN Contractors, LLC is your neighborhood contractor offering quality residential and commercial construction services at affordable rates. Get an estimate from our experts in Orlando, FL before starting your project. Schedule a consultation by calling our representatives or by leaving us a message using the online form.

Treefrog Cinegraphix, LLC

Home Page Content:

Treefrog Cinegraphix, LLC welcomes you and your project, big or small. We act as your creative partner in the entire process from beginning to end. Whether your company needs a complete identity package, a new website, a corporate video, or you already have it all and just need help getting your name out there, we’re the team for you.

About Us Page Content:

Heading: The Adventure Begins

Working with the Treefrog Team is like setting out on an expedition into the wild jungles of marketing and advertising. We pride ourselves on being highly skilled and knowledgeable guides that can help your company rise above the canopy of competition. Whether you own a business or you’re just starting out, look to us to map out a plan that gives you the experience and results you are seeking.

Heading: Meet the Team

Profile of Buddy the Office Dog

My role as the office dog began in 2013 when my human, Rita, left me with her human friend, Christian, while she went gallivanting around the country. I became slightly attached to this new human and his two friends, Dan and Susan, in my time with them. They gathered daily to sit in front of those odd boxes humans always seem so fascinated by. But, there were times they’d stop and scratch me behind the ears, or take me outside, or even better, feed me.

By the time my human returned, the damage was done. I let her know of my desire to accompany her in the subsequent mornings – often by running past her as she’d try to sneak out the door and heading directly to her car-ride (whatever this “car-ride” vessel is, I’m not sure, all I know is I love it). Soon she caught on, and my visits to work and to see my other friends became a regular thing.

(Can be seen by visiting the link below and clicking on Buddy’s avatar)

Services Page Content:

Heading: Our Services

Just as a tree frog inhabits the heights of the tallest trees and swims the rivers of the rain forest, we span the realm of advertising. Our team delivers talent and dexterity with any project, big or small; brand, print, web, or video. Let us know what you need and we deliver not only results, but a unique experience.

Join us for the adventure of your next project, and we’ll guide you through the advertising jungle.

Sub-Heading: Branding

Treefrog Cinegraphix becomes the creative partner in designing and fostering a unique identity to outshine the competition. Our branding process is a collaboration between our clients and us. Image is everything; let us help yours.

Sub-Heading: Print Design

We do it all. We’ll solidify your brand with the necessary print collateral – business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc. – or we can design a memorable annual report, an eye-catching rack card, or an impressive brochure.

Sub-Heading: Web Design & Development

Have more than just a web presence, give people a web experience. We design and develop fully responsive, search engine optimized, and impactful websites that become your business’ digital signpost. From desktop to mobile, we’ve got you covered.

Sub-Heading: SEO & Social Media Management

We do more than design and build the materials for your business. We’ll market your business too. Whether you want us to manage your SEO and social media strategy or just ask us for a consultation, we’re here to get your business seen.

Services/Brand Page Content

Headline: Our Brand Process

We come alongside your company to create and foster your unique identity and make you outshine the competition. In today’s marketplace, image is everything. Your brand is what will catch the eye and what people will remember. Let us help make sure yours is the one that really stands out.

Sub-Heading: Define

The design process begins before pencil ever hits paper. It begins with our clients. We take the time to get to know who we’re working with beyond their role as client and then we get to know their business. We meet as many times as necessary. We delve as deeply into the ins and outs of the company, its mission, its vision, its culture, its history, its personality, and then we take that info to the drawing board and start drawing.

Sub-Heading: Design

Once we’ve gathered as much information possible, we brainstorm, we discuss, debate, and contemplate. Once a visual conceptualization has been decided on, the actual creating begins – brand message is established, color palette determined, and logo developed. We create the mocks and the meetings begin again. Back-and-forth is an expected part of the process in which our clients tell us what they do and do not like and we work on it until the identity package is perfect.

Sub-Heading: Deliver

In the end, once perfection is achieved, we go into launch phase. This is the time for production of all materials – business cards, letterhead, envelopes, rack cards, brochures, etc. We package and deliver to our clients their new identity complete with a brand guideline, all logo and brand files, and all print collateral.

Services/Print Page Content:

Heading: Print Design

Print is one of the most effective and time honored traditions of advertising. Shoddy design and poor quality printing will cost your business more in the long run. So, invest in your company’s future and receive superior materials to create a lasting impression.

Sub-Heading: Solidify Your Brand

In a world moving more and more towards digital advertising, there is still a need for tangible materials. Print collateral solidifies a brand by giving it a physical presence in the world. It provides potential or existing customers a chance to literally hold your business in their hand, examine it, and then take it with them to act as a reminder later. It shows your company is willing and able to invest in itself and gives credence to your business’ position of authority within its industry.

Sub-Heading: Communicating Ideas

With the boom of social media in today’s culture, consumers now demand a certain amount of connection with the businesses they give their money to. With this expectation of communication and engagement, print still remains the optimal format for communicating ideas. Let social media be your platform for conversation, but your brochures, annual reports, and rack cards are your podium for informative communication.

Sub-Heading: What We Offer

Brand Collateral – Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, etc.

Event Collateral – Save-the-Dates & Invitations, Programs, Thank You Notes, etc.

Marketing Collateral – Brochures, Rack Cards, Posters, Door Hangers, etc.

Direct Mail – EDDM, Postcards, Catalogs, etc.

Corporate Collateral – Annual Reports, Newsletters, Benefits Brochures, etc.

And More …

We have partnerships with several printers across the country providing top quality print material. Print processes available include, but are not limited to, screen printing, letterpress, and digital offset. We have extensive knowledge in the use of different print coatings, spot color, post coating, etc.